The unnoficial archive of ŠKODA MOTORSPORT cars

What is new?

The first archive of new WRC cars is coming with new period of this specials! Database of Ford Fiesta WRC cars by Lorenzo Marinello.
- And what´s new about this Skoda archive? I hadn´t time for this database, because of finishing Octavia WRC database and so on. However this website will be updated to the new form because of there are to many Skoda rally cars and this system is unsatisfactory nowadays. That´s all for my pleasure. You can also enjoy for notes of new Skoda WRC cars if they will exist.
- Off course, special thanks for you.

STT Racing


- I made som changes about cars with chassis numbers 14 , 18 , 20 , 21 , 23 , 24 . (new owners)
- I also updated sections 2009 and 2010.

Update from 21. week.

- Thanks to Roy Dempster for photos.

Update from 15.-20. week.

- Gerd Huzink bought Fabia WRC from Wevers Sport. It is a car with chassis number 14. , which was largely used for 25 starts in Netherlands Championship. For more informations click here.

The history of Škoda Fabia S2000 cars

- I finally published detail history of Škoda Fabia S2000 cars in cooperation with

- After a long time, I modified the system of the notes again. They are better off the mileage of the rally, the loss of the winner, etc. You will get more informations about the car clicking on the "Chassis number xy" in the section 2009. I would like to apply this system for older races. I also have added generally interesting statistics about the number of races and causes of retirements to the section WRC. (When someone took part in the race as a forerunner, it was`t counted to the statistics.)
I hope that you will enjoy the changes.

Aktualizace z 1.-15. týdne.

- Visit the new web site for the Juka Motorsport!
- Juka Motorsport completely rebuilt Fabia WRC of J.-C. Lavigne. It is a car chassis number 2. Here you can find photos from renovation.

Aktualizace z 42.-53. týdne.

- Visit the new web site for the Wevers Sport!
- Visit the new web site for the Erik Wevers!
- Thanks to Piemontrally for photos.

ŠKODA Fabia WRC for sale!

It is car number 18. which is owned by Wevers Sport. It is Fabia WRC with the specifications from 2006, mechanical front and rear differential, active centre differential. You can find list of starts and results in WRC section. More: here

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